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Legal Services in San Diego, California

The Right Representation

With legal malpractice services from The Nalu Law Firm, you can get the result you deserve. The legal profession doesn't get a free pass when they cause harm to their clients.  We work with individuals and businesses to get compensated for the damage caused by their former counsel.  


A Better Workplace

From employment discrimination to personal injury claims, we help employees and individuals fight big business and insurance companies. Our personable staff truly enjoys helping people navigate our complex legal system and find ways to level the playing field.


Business Claims

Our company will see you through all of your business dispute claims. From partnership disputes to breach of contract claims, our clients have received.superior legal services at a fair price.  


About Us

The Nalu Law Firm is a civil litigation law firm in downtown San Diego, California. Practicing law since 1999, A. Michael Nalu provides effective legal representation at reasonable rates. We're flexible when billing clients, as we provide hourly, contingency, flat-fee, or a combination to help clients manage the costs of litigation.


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